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I Specialize in Powerglides for high horsepower drag race cars from 1000-2200 HP.  I Sell powerglide parts for all horsepower ranges but specialize in the solutions for high horsepower Powerglides; parts that will make your Powerglide bullet proof even if you have extreme horsepower and have had problems breaking others parts.  I carry high quality parts at reasonable prices and can advise you which parts will hold up in your car.

I am in business to offer what I never got when I started building my own Powerglides (1988).  I offer reasonable prices on only the highest quality products.  I also offer tech help to MY CUSTOMERS to help provide the type answers I never recieved when I first started.  Believe it or not some builders "Build In" problems when rebuilding Powerglides.  Why?, simple if the tranny fails in a year you have to get it rebuilt and it prompts you to rebuild Before failure occurs.  How do they do that???  Easy---do not place a high pressure spring in the valve body and this does not lock up the clutch packs and allows everything to slip a little and wear the clutches and band.  There are many other ways, but this is an example I ran into and why builders try to keep secret the rebuilding of Powerglides.

I test all my products and some of the higher priced items like the 1.80 planetaries and 300M input shafts carry a warranty, 2 year for the planetary gears and 1 year for the input shaft (300M only).  If I find 2 items which are identical from 2 different suppliers I carry the 1 that costs the least.

I often talk to first time builders and the first thing they need to know is "can I build my own Powerglide?"  If you can truthfully answer yes to any one of these statements you can build a Powerglide:  You can if you can build a motor and successfully run it after you build it (does not blow up).  You can if you have built Any automatic transmission before--Powerglides are the simplest automatic ever built.  You can if you are good with reading and comprehending and have mechanic tools (the book I sell takes the guess work out of building, I use the same book so we can look at it together).  I also am trying to write my own manual to greatly simplify building a racing Powerglide---a do it this way manual because for a race glide there is one correct way to build it. 

I build transmissions for local racers but do not build them for shipping.  If you need a complete transmission and do not live in the Houston area (local) I sell Transmission Specialties or BTE complete transmissions.  Their ads are my ads but the advertised price is the delivered price to you, I pay for shipping and this is your $200 discount savings.  I have found this to be a more satisfying arrangement for all customers since all transmissionns are tested Before they leave the factory.  Any failures can be solved by talking direct with the manufacturer or myself.

If I can help please call or email and I will answer ASAP.  Leave a message if I do not answer the phone, I am often at UPS or on local deliveries and will return your call when I arrive back.

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